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About Regge Hout

Regge Hout is a wholesale business, located in Goor (Overijssel, the Netherlands). We mainly deliver products meant for civil engineering, for which we use sustainable hardwood sorts as much as possible. Therefore, we do business all over the world, to be able to incorporate the best wood sorts in our products.

Regge Hout offers total solutions for civil engineering uses. We have over 10,000 m3 material directly to our use. We are able to deliver directly from Goor, or from the stock that is located at the harbor. By controlling our transport in a thoughtful and professional way, we are also able to deliver directly from the harbor. This will reduce the transporting costs and unburden the environment at the same time.

Our details

Regge Hout B.V.
Breukersweg 9
Goor, 7471 ST

Chamber of Commerce: 56172486
VAT: NL852004606B01

Wood from a reliable source

Regge Hout guarantees that our products always come from a reliable source. We stand for the conservation of nature, by delivering wood from sustainably managed forests. To do this, we are making use of the knowledge and experienced of acknowledged quality labels. We stand for the well-being of man and nature, especially facing the future generations. As an importers of tropical hardwood, you are in a responsible position when choosing the right wood from the right areas. Therefore, we try to be a responsible link in the delivery of our wood.

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