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Regge Hout supplies wood with different types of wood quality labels. Based on the wood quality labels, we know that we can supply the quality wood that meets our requirements. Also, we guarantee a sustainably obtained product with an honest and reliable origin. Below is an overview of the quality labels we carry for wood.

Wood quality labelFSC®

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is a household name in the wood world when it comes to sustainable wood. This international organization looks at the social, economic and ecological aspects of sustainable forest management. FSC® is supported in this by all development and environmental organizations. All steps involved in buying wood products must meet the requirements set by FSC® to be allowed to carry a label. This is verified by independent certifiers. An FSC® product meets the following requirements:

  • It is harvested according to national and international law with full user right
  • FSC® wood is harvested with respect for the local population and forest workers
  • FSC® products are used efficiently and optimally, wood does not have any waste
  • When harvesting, the biodiversity in a forest is affected as little as possible
  • FSC® takes care of the quality of a forest and this is also tested

Wood from forest plantations must also meet these requirements. Regge Hout processes FSC®-certified sawn wood from Cameroon, Brazil, South Africa and Hungary. Regge Hout is certified by Control Union Certifications under the number CU-COC-008536.

Take a look at Regge Hout’s FSC® certificate.
Take a look at Regge Hout’s Self Declaration FSC®.

Wood quality label PEFC™

PEFC™ stands for Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. PEFC™ is an independent non-profit organization that promotes sustainable forest management. In this way, it offers consumers certainty of the sustainable and legal origin and production of wood and paper products through independent testing of the system by third parties.


Take a look at Regge Hout’s PEFC™ certificate.
Take a look at Regge Hout’s Self Declaration PEFC™.

CE Markering

The CE marking can be found on industrial and construction products within the European Union. This marking is placed on products that meet the required and essential safety requirements. When products are imported from outside the European Union, the importer takes care of the CE marking. A CE marking can be found on twenty product groups, including wood products. By placing this marking on our products, we show that our products comply with EU directives.

Wood quality label EUTR

EUTR is a new wood regulation system with an import restrictive function. This new regulation requires complete documentation of the entire supply chain (documented chain of custody). In this way it can be checked directly whether wood comes from a reliable source and whether it is legal wood. The EUTR was launched on 3 March 2013 and aims to have a ‘zero-tolerant’ policy on illegal wood. By legally requiring documentation of the entire supply chain, it is easy to check whether a tree is of legal origin. When we purchase wood from recognized suppliers, we as a company have an obligation to keep track of what we sell and to whom. This must be tracked in a traceable manner. When we buy our wood ourselves and clear it (import) we must have the complete documentation in order.

ISO 9001:2015 Regge Hout

ISO 9001 is a standard that sets requirements for the quality management system of an organization and the way in which the organization handles the quality policy. According to this standard, the quality policy must be on paper and this policy must be known to all employees. The organization must ensure increasing customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements and wishes of the customers and the legal requirements that apply to the product or service of the organization. In addition, the organization must control the business processes and be able to demonstrate this. Regge Hout is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Take a look at Regge Hout’s ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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