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Sustainable forest management

Regge Hout fully focuses on wood from forests that are sustainably managed. Natural forests are being endangered in many places in the world, due to the lack of sustainable forest management. The main threats result from illegal or irresponsible logging, exploitation of farming, construction of roads, mining and forest fires. Luckily, more and more emphasis is laid on sustainable forest management and the usage of sustainable products to unburn the environment and to protect the nature. All products that are delivered by Regge Hout, originate from areas with sustainable forest management and with the right supply chain. We review this by making use of non-profit organizations. Like FSC®, PEFC™ and CSR. These authorities can ensure the purchasing of the right verified and certified products, with which we are always able to offer the most responsible products to our customers. Wood is one of the most sustainable materials. It is a renewable and inexhaustible source, given that sustainable wood management is being executed. Exhaustible sources, like petroleum and ore have a much bigger influence on the environment and are subject to an increase in prices.

Take a look at the beleidsverklaring bevordering duurzaam bosbeheer van Regge Hout.

Forest management for man, environment and nature

We look at sustainable forest management as a requirement. There is more to forest management than just protecting the trees. A forest has a crucial function in the area of man, nature and environment. A forest is an ecosystem in which things like water balance, soil, flora and fauna have a central place. For sustainable forest management, all of these things are equally important and have to be managed in a sustainable way. In many cases, a forest also has a social function. A big part of the world population is directly or indirectly dependent of the forests and this way, the forest plays an important role in the maintenance of many people. During forest operations, the working conditions of the workers are very important and their safety is a main priority.

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