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Hardhouten Dekdelen

Our hardwood decking boards can be utilized on jetties, bridges or duckboards. Of course, these are not the only options. Decking boards can also be utilized on (open) balconies or galleries. Our decking boards are always made of hardwood, to ensure a long life span. We can supply the decking boards to customer demands, in every desired dimention. Furthermore, they can also be (re) treated in our sawmill. In addition, there is an option to add Safegrip for improved safety and you can make a choice out of different types of wood for the decking boards.

Tips for wooden decking boards

Wooden decking boards are made from a 100% natural raw material. That means it behaves like a natural product. Wood working shrink, expand en discolour. This contributes to the characteristic of wood and makes it such a beautiful product. Partly thanks to these properties, the standard wooden decking boards supplied by Regge Hout should only be used outdoors. Because the wooden decking still contains a certain moisture percentage, they are not suitable for use on completely closed galleries. We also advise not to make the width of the deck parts too large. In addition, we recommend laying the wooden decking parts with a spacing of approx. 10 mm from each other. This is related to the working of the wood. For more advice regarding the confirmation, please contact our sales team. Call us on +31 547 286350 or reach us via the form on the right.

Possibilities decking boards

The standard adaptations of our hardwood decking boards are:

  • Providing with walking deck grooves
  • Not shortened to length
  • Underside rough sawn

Our wooden decking boards are available in the following types of wood:


Angelim Vermelho





Er zijn ook speciale houten dekdelen met de speciale Regge Hout safegrip voor een verbeterde veiligheid.

Ons verkoopteam helpt graag verder met vragen of het kopen van hardhouten dekdelen. Bel ons op +31 547 286 350 of bereik ons via het formulier aan de rechterkant.