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Europees hardhout

There is a lot of good European hardwoods to be found within our own continental borders. These hardwoods are not inferior in quality to the tropical hardwoods and have a comparable lifespan. By finding a nearby wood source, we can offer European wood that - due to the shortened transport distance - is more environmentally friendly than comparable tropical hardwoods. When choosing European wood, we pay attention to quality, applicability and lifespan.

European wood: enough choice!

Known European hardwood types are Oak, Larch, Douglas, Robinia and sweet chestnut. Especially Robinia has good properties compared to the tropical wood types and is considered to be the most sustainable hardwood type of Europe. It has many adaptations and can be found all over Europe.

European hardwood from a reliable source

Our European hardwood too, is provided with quality marks to guarantee the sustainable and reliable origin. We get our European hardwood from a reliable origin. Our sales team has lots of knowledge about the products and types of wood and is very willing to help you select a certain type of wood. In addition, they will think with you about the best solution.

Our European hardwood

Below is an overview of all European hardwood species that we offer. We have collected the most relevant information for each type of wood, such as durability class, strength class and areas of application. The data of each European wood species can also be downloaded and printed as a PDF.


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