Hardwood wholesaler’s in the Netherlands

Hout groothandel Nederland - Een overzicht van een aantal bundels
Wood wholesaler’s in the Netherlands with its own machinal woodworking

Are you looking for a suitable wood wholesaler’s in the Netherlands for your project?

Regge Hout B.V. is a (hard)wood wholesaler’s in the Netherlands with over 10,000 m³ wood that is directly available from stock. In addition, we are capable of working the wood machinal to prepare it for your project, so that it fits your needs. Curious how we can be at your service? Our sales team is willing to provide you with any information that you may need.


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For which wood adaptations do we supply as a hardwood wholesaler’s in the Netherlands?

(Tropical) hardwood is widely adaptable for various wood adaptations within Civil Engineering. For us, high sustainability and having only the best quality are important. To fulfill these high standards, we mainly focus on Tropical and European types of hardwood.

In which utilizations are we specialized?

Wood wholesaler’s Regge Hout B.V. is specialized in the following wood utilizations:

  • bridges
  • sheet piles
  • shoring
  • dragline bulkheads
  • noise cancelling wall
  • piled fendering
  • sewer works
  • landing places
  • thatching
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Wood wholesaler’s in the Netherlands that stands for sustainability and quality

To be able to guarantee sustainability and quality, Regge Hout only delivers wood from a sustainable source. From our experiences we have learnt that (tropical) hardwood that will be utilized in public spaces, often requires a quality label. These quality labels can be either FSC® or PEFC™. Would you like more information about our quality marks? On the page our quality marks you can read more about them.

Wholesaler’s in the Netherlands with total solutions for civil engineering

Regge Hout has a unique property that we think in total solutions for every project concerning civil engineering. That is why we, after years of experience, have been able to adapt our assortment to your needs. Thanks to this experience we are able to offer a high quality end project that will last for many years.

Along with our customers we combine our expertise with the wishes and demands, to come to an ideal solution. Thanks to our own sawmill we are able to modify all our products to the customer’s specific needs. Take a look at the Regge Hout’s standard quality requirements

Contact information

Are you a business customer and would you like to contact one of our employees or sales team? We are always willing to answer your questions and to share our knowledge to offer you the right product. You can reach us with the following information or by filling out the form below:


Regge Hout B.V.
Breukersweg 9
7471 ST Goor

Telnr.: +31 547 286350
Fax: +31 547 286351

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