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Purlins are adapted in shoring constructions. A purlin is a beam that is placed horizontally over a retaining wall. With this, the construction is strengthened and damage is less likely to occur. For the placing of a purlin, it can be used on both one, as well as on two sides (the so-called grip purlin). We are able to supply purlins in many different types of wood and standard measurements. Wooden purlins are made of sustainable hardwood, to ensure a long lifespan and solidity. We have access to our own sawmill and can apply modifications on request, to provide a wide adaptability in different situations.

Possibilities purlins

Normally, the following adaptations are executed on our purlins:

  • Sawn
  • Unprocessed, not shortened to length
  • Standard lengths 3,00 - 6,00 m(except Robinia: 2.00 - 3.00 m1)

To make the installation easier, we can provide purlins with oblique / straight halved joints. Hereby, the intended length of the halved joint needs to be indicated. In addition, we can provide the purlins of safety sides and make them fitting for a U-profile, that is chosen by you.

Our purlins are supplied in the following types of wood:



Angelim Vermelho











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