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Service and quality

Regge Hout guarantees service and quality. Our employees stand behind our wood and our products. We are very willing to help our customers. Due to the presence of a flexible purchase and sales team, we can anticipate the market demands. With our employees in the area of transport, financial and production (planning), we are able to effectively help you with the products and transport.

Total solutions

Regge Hout offers total solutions for civil engineering. Our professional assortment is coordinated on the demands that our products have to meet and consists of a selection of the best types of wood. Our focus lies on end products that last many years. Together with our customers we combine our expertise with the wishes and in this way, we demand to get to an ideal solution. Thanks to our own sawmill, we are able to adjust all of our products to the specific demands of our customers.  Take a look at the standard quality requirements of Regge Hout.

From a reliable source

Over the last years, delivering sustainable wood has become more and more important. People are becoming more aware of the wood’s origin and the degree of sustainability. More and more natural forests disappear, because they are being harvested in an irresponsible way. Luckily, the market’s demand of responsible wood is increasing. Wood with the FSC® and PEFC™ quality labels are largely present in our assortment. By constantly investing in innovations, we keep improving ourselves. By doing so, we remain able to guarantee efficiency and quality. In the area of sustainability, innovation is an important aspect too. By constantly looking for the most sustainable solution, we are able to deliver a conscious and reliable product. Our slogan is ‘from a reliable source’ for good reason.


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