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Europees naaldhout

At Regge Hout we also have different types of European softwood in our range. Within Europe, large supply timber is available that meet our high quality requirements. The well-known European softwoods are Douglas, Larch, Pine, Spruce, Scots Pine and Norway Spruce.

European softwood, sustainable solution

Choosing European softwood can get you a big financial advantage. Compared to the alternative materials, like steel and concrete, softwood is a very attractive product cost wise. The sustainability is high, due to the low energy required for production, the long lifespan and recyclability. Therefore, European softwood is a sustainable alternative. We lay the emphasis on the source of the wood when buying European softwood. Hereby, we pay close attention to the reliability of the origin, the way of harvesting, biodiversity, procession, adaptation and social aspects. We incorporate these factors, concerning ecology, environment, the processing, the import chain and the social aspects that are important when processing and importing European softwood. For this, we are making use of the knowledge of FSC® and PEFC™. With this, we are able to guarantee a reliable origin of the wood.

Our European softwood

Below, you can find an overview of the types of softwood that Regge Hout offers. For every type of wood, we have listed the most relevant information, such as adaptation area's and sustainability and strength classes. In addition, the information about the types of European softwood can be downloaded and printed.