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Tropical hardwood and types of wood

Regge Hout is specialized in tropical hardwood and its applications. Our range of tropical woods is extremely suitable for all civil engineering solutions. We have a strict selection of our tropical hardwood species in which quality and durability are very important factors. We place high demands on our products, which means that almost all our tropical hardwoods have a durability class I and are very suitable for use outdoors, indoors or in contact with water. We also guarantee a long lifespan that is comparable to or better than the alternative materials.

Beautiful and reliable tropical hardwood

Tropical hardwood is not only very suitable for civil engineering applications, but also has a natural and warm appearance in gardens, parks or along the waterfront. Our tropical woods come from South America and Africa. When purchasing tropical woods, we place great emphasis on the source of the wood. We pay attention to the reliability of the origin, the method of harvesting, biodiversity, processing, adaptations and social aspects. We take into account the ecological, environmental, processing, import chain and social aspects involved in processing and importing our wood. We use the knowledge of FSC® and PEFC™ for this. With this we guarantee wood from a reliable source.

Our tropical hardwood

Below, an overview of all the tropical hardwoods that we offer can be found. Per tropical hardwood, we have listed the most relevant information, such as strength class, sustainability class and areas of adaptation.


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