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Azobé hardhout, palen en planken

Azobé wood grows in tropical West Africa: Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ghana. Azobé has striking white to yellow colored substances in the barrels. The sapwood, up to 50 mm wide, is sharply defined and clearly lighter in color than the heartwood. Freshly sawn Azobé hardwood has a typical tannic smell that disappears over time. Iron tends to corrode in contact with Azobé. Other names for Azobe wood include Aba, Aya, Eba and Kaku.

Azobé wood is widely applicable

Azobé wood is an important type of wood in the Regge Hout range. This reddish-brown hardwood is a very heavy, hard wood that is widely used as construction wood because of its great strength, wear resistance and durability and is very suitable for applications in civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering. Azobé hardwood is also very durable because of its high mass and strong properties. All kinds of products can be made from Azobé, such as lock gates, barriers, weirs, jetties, bridges, bridge decks, sheet piles, purlins, piles, planks and friction purlins. Other applications include dragline mats, horse boxes and construction components in galleries and platforms. Our Azobé wood can be supplied with an FSC® quality mark.

Properties Azobé wood

 Name: Azobé
Alternative names: Akoga, Akogha, Akoura, Asobe, Bakundu, Bongossi, Bonkolé, Ekki, Endwi, Esore, Hendui, Okoga
Appearance: Reddish brown hardwood
Sustainability class: I
Strength class: D70
Mass kg/m3: Fresh 1100 – 1300
Dried 940 – 1100
Glue: Good
Bend: Bad
Finishing: Good
Combination with iron: May corrode
Origin: West-Africa
Extra: Heavy type of wood, great strength, wear resistance and durability
Adaptations: Construction wood in hydraulic engineering for lock gates, barriers, weirs, jetties, bridges, bridge decks, sheet piling, purlins, piles, friction purlins, dragline mats, horse boxes and construction parts
Alternatives: Angelim VermelhoKarriMassaranduba

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Source: Houtvademecum © 2010 Centrum Hout Almere, 10th revised edition