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Angelim Vermelho hardwood and posts

Angelim Vermelho wood is a tropical hardwood that grows in Brazil, the Amazon and the Guyanas. The freshly cut heartwood is yellow-brown in color, usually streaked and often with an orangish tinge, fading to reddish brown. The sapwood is pinkish and not always sharply defined from the heartwood. When using Angelim Vermelho wood, it must be taken into account that this type of wood releases in contact with water. Therefore not suitable for outdoor benches, for example. Angelim Vermelho wood has a very distinct scent. Other names for Angelim Vermelho wood include Angelim, Anjelim and Kuraru.

Angelim Vermelho wood suitable for heavy work

Angelim Vermelho wood is very durable and has a guaranteed long life. This yellow to reddish-brown hardwood is widely used in civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering. Angelim Vermelho wood is a Brazilian type of wood, is widely applicable and easy to work with. This type of hardwood is well-known in ground, road and hydraulic engineering and is extremely suitable for use in heavy construction work such as hydraulic, bridge and ship construction, harbor works and sheet piling. This type of wood can be used as a replacement for Azobé wood. Fresh and dry, Angelim Vermelho wood has a striking scent that only disappears after a long time. Therefore, be careful when using it in deck parts for private decking and jetties.

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Properties Angelim-Vermelho wood

 Name: Angelim Vermelho
Alternative names: Angelim, Angelim Falso, Anjelim, Faveira Grande (Brazil), Faveira Preta, Kuraru, Parakwa (Guyana)
Appearance: Yellowish brown to reddish brown hardwood
Sustainability class: I
Strength class: D40
Mass kg/m3: Fresh 1450
Dried 950 - 1050
Glue: Probably good
Bend: Unknown
Finishing Mechanically well adaptable
Combination with iron: Gray blue discolorations
Origin: Brazil
Extra: Releases in contact with water
Adaptations: Heavy construction work such as hydraulic, bridge and shipbuilding, harbor works and sheet piling
Alternatives: CloezianaMassarandubaAzobé

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