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Bilinga wood with recognized FSC® quality mark

Bilinga wood from West Africa is generally yellow to reddish brown. Being in durability class I, products made from this hardwood species have a long lifespan. Bilinga hardwood is very suitable for decking and building constructions. This is possible for both indoor and outdoor use, since Bilinga wood hardly deforms. We supply all your Bilinga wood and Bilinga products for the best prices and with a recognized FSC® quality mark. As a result, we guarantee products with an honest, reliable and responsible origin. Bilinga is a type of wood that can be used in particular where aesthetic properties are also important, such as for decking and railings. It is suitable for many building structures, both indoor and outdoor. Bilinga hardwood is very durable. Bilinga will hardly deform with both air and accelerated drying. However, hairline cracks often appear during drying. To prevent the occurrence of head cracks, it is recommended to protect the head ends and to lubricate with, for example, wax or Mobilcer. Other names for Bilinga wood include Billinga, Aloma and Badi.

Bilinga wood is well machinable

Despite the great hardness, Bilinga wood can be machined quite well. Due to the strong crosshair, a small rake angle (10 degrees) must be used when machine planing to obtain a smooth surface. The hardness means that when processing dried Bilinga saws and chisels dull quickly.

Properties Bilinga wood

 Name: Bilinga
Alternative names: Gulu-Maza, Mokese, Akondoc, Kusia, Opepe, Bundui
Appearance: Yellow to reddish brown hardwood
Sustainability class: I
Strength class: D35
Mass kg/m3: Fresh 900 – 1150
Dried 660 – 900
Glue: Good
Bend: Bad
Finishing: Well machinable, despite hardness
Combination with iron:  –
Origin: West Africa
Extra: Well suited for indoor and outdoor decking and building structures. Barely distorted
Adaptations: Handrail wood, horsebox wood, deck planking and galleries

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Source: Houtvademecum © 2010 Centrum Hout Almere, 10e revised edition