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Cloeziana hardwood and poles

Cloeziana wood is light yellow to brown hardwood from South Africa. With a durability class I, Cloeziana hardwood can be called very durable. Cloeziana’s strength class is also very positive. The heartwood is pale yellow-brown, while the sapwood is slightly yellowish. Most Cloeziana comes with a heart embedded. Heart traces can come out and will have to be tolerated. The thickness variation is approximately 10 mm per meter. Cloeziana wood originates from Australia and is planted in South Africa. This type of wood is popular for its rapid growth in the first 12 years and its straight, cylindrical trunk. Cloeziana posts are therefore a common application of this type of wood. Cloeziana hardwood is naturally immune to infestation by shipworm (SHR 2004). We supply various products made from this Cloeziana wood.

The advantages of cloeziana wood

Especially wooden posts of Cloeziana are very attractive, because of the following points:

  • Its very straight trunk
  • Its very high durability
  • Lengths until 18 meters possible (standard until 14 meters)
  • Ship-worm resistant
  • Easy to saw, especially if the wood is fresh
  • Favourable price, compared to square poles
  • Perfect alternative to creosoted posts

Cloeziana wood of responsible origin

Because of all the positive properties of this type of wood, we have great confidence in this and we are happy to offer Cloeziana hardwood. We supply all our Cloeziana wood, posts and other products for the best prices and with a recognized FSC® quality mark. As a result, we guarantee products with fair and responsible origin.

Properties Cloeziana wood

 Name: Cloeziana
Appearance: Light yellow to brown hardwood
Sustainability class: I
Strength class: D50 (D70 for bending utilizations)
Mass kg/m3: Fresh 890 – 1180
Dried 700 – 990
Glue: Good
Bend: Moderate
Finishing: Good for sawing and a smooth finish
Combination with iron:  –
Origin: South Africa
Extra: Good to use for hydraulic engineering
Adaptations: Waterbouw voor steigers, bruggen, brugdekken, damwanden, gordingen, palen en wrijfgordingen.

Hydraulic engineering for landings, bridges, bridge decks, sheet piles, purlins, poles and fender purlins

Alternatives: Sweet chestnut (Cloeziana poles)

Our sales team is happy to help with questions about buying Cloeziana wood. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us using the form on the right.

Source: Houtvademecum © 2010 Centrum Hout Almere, 10e revised edition