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Okan hout geschikt voor zwaar GWW

Our Okan wood comes from West Africa and is yellow to golden brown, sometimes reddish brown after sawing. This high-quality wood is durable with a durability class I. Okan hardwood is very useful for ground, road and hydraulic engineering and with its high volume it has a long lifespan. We supply all our Okan wood and Okan products for the best price and with a recognized FSC® quality mark. As a result, we provide responsible products with fair and responsible products. Other names for Okan wood include Adoum and Edoum.

Okan wood very suitable for civil engineering

Okan wood is very suitable for civil engineering. Thanks to its great durability, Okan is very suitable for outside works, especially for hydraulic objects like water gates, sheet piles, poles, dock works and the sub constructionof bridges. In addition, it can be adapted in any place where high standards are required concerning sustainability, for example for sleepers, heavy constructions and industry floors. Due to its nice colour, it can serve very well for decorative articles. In Great-Britain, Okan wood is used as a replacement for Demerara greenheart. The heartwood has a high resistance to shipworm attack in seawater.


Properties Okan wood

 Name: Okan
Alternative names: Bouémon, Denya, N’duma
Appearance: Yellow to goldish brown / reddish brown wood
Sustainability class: I
Strength class: D50
Mass kg/m3: Fresh 1000 – 1200
Dried 800 – 1100
Glue: Bad
Bend: Bad
Finishing: Hard due to narrowing and volume mass. Easy to turn
Combination with iron: Pre-drilling required
Origin: West-Africa
Extra: Very suitable for civil engineering, very sustainable
Adaptations: Sluice doors, sheet piles, poles, dock works and sub construction of bridges, sleepers, heavy constructions and industry floors
Alternatives: Demerara (in UK)

Our sales team is happy to help with questions about buying Okan. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us using the form on the right.

Source: Houtvademecum © 2010 Centrum Hout Almere, 10th revised edition