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Wood utilizations

We offer many wood applications in the field of civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering. We focus exclusively on wood applications of good quality and high durability. There is a suitable type of wood with the right properties for every application. That is why we are constantly looking for the best types of wood to be able to (continue to) guarantee this quality and durability. We mainly use hardwoods, both tropical and European, for our wood applications. These naturally have very good properties. We are specialized in the following wood applications: bridges, sheet piling, shoring, dragline bulkheads, noise barriers, breaking works, sewer works, scaffolding and longstraw thatches.

Wood utilizations, sustainable and quality

For our wood applications, we use wood species from a reliable source. A quality mark is often required for the use of wood in public spaces. We are happy to respond to this and mainly import wood that has a quality mark such as FSC® or PEFC™. With this we guarantee wood products that have been harvested sustainably on an ecological, environmental and social level and with certification of the entire supply chain.

Overview wood utilizations

Read more about the following wood utilizations in which we are specialized:




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