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Draglineschotten van hardhout

Regge Hout offers different qualities of dragline mats. We have dragline mats especially for long-term projects, made from high-quality woods with a long lifespan. For projects with a limited duration, we also have suitable dragline mats which are made from less expensive types of wood. We have the right type of dragline mat for every application with the best price/quality ratio.

Solid dragline mats

With dragline mats, the compressive strength and hardness of the outer beams in particular are the most important indicators of quality and suitability. The crane and dragline bulkheads that Regge Hout supplies consist of beams that are constructed from wood species that have an average weight class of more than 1100 kg per m3 (fresh weight) and have excellent properties when it comes to durability, vertical compressive strength, bending strength and elasticity. The outer beams consist of wood species with a compressive strength of 95 + (Nm2 measured at 12% MC) which are also sufficiently available at the same time.

Advantages of wooden dragline mats

Various alternatives are available on the market for dragline mats. There are steel bulkheads and even plastic dragline bulkheads. Steel dragline mats are less suitable for projects where there is no hard flat surface. They bend much faster than wooden bulkheads do. To prevent this, thicker bulkheads must be used, with all the price consequences that entails. Wooden dragline mats have good properties when it comes to elasticity and compressive strength.

There are also various options within the wooden dragline mats. A commonly used type of wood is Azobé. This hardwood species with a durability class I is very suitable because of its long life and durability. There are also other types of wood suitable for dragline mats that have the same properties as Azobé. Regge Hout offers a wide range of dragline mats with a recognized quality mark. We can supply dragline mats with FSC® or PEFC™ quality mark to guarantee a sustainable origin.

The advantages of hardwood dragline mats

We have listed the advantages of Regge Hout dragline mats:

  • Wooden bulkheads bend much less than other materials such as steel and plastic do
  • Applicable on soft and non-flat surfaces
  • Price level
  • Correct supply channels with good quality controls
  • Large batches to be delivered directly on supply
  • Dragline mats in stock, which means a fast delivery
  • Transport directly on site or directly at the relevant work site

Our sales team will be happy to help with questions about buying our dragline mats. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us using the form on the right.