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Hardhouten vlonderplanken

A wooden duckboard increases the usable surface of the ground. The duckboard can be placed on poorly accessible ground and optimal use can be made of your available space. A duckboard is also a wonderful solution to create a beautiful seating environment in a garden or terrace. A duckboard can also be placed on the ground without direct contact with water. A wooden platform creates more atmosphere in the area. With the choice of the type of wood, the appearance of the duckboard can be adapted to every wish.

Regge Hout has a wide range of hardwood duckboard planks, posts and duckboard wood in different types of wood and in every size. All our hardwood duckboards come from a reliable source. We use the knowledge and guidelines of various recognized quality marks such as FSC® and PEFC™ to guarantee a sustainable and responsible origin. Our duckboards are mainly made of tropical hardwood. This wood comes with a quality mark and is very durable due to its excellent properties. As a result, we supply wooden duckboards that will last for years.

Safe duckboards with SafeGrip®

A duckboard should be safe to walk on in any weather. For this, we are able to provide the hardwood duckboard planks with SafeGrip® grooves. This way, the duckboard planks will make the duckboard more accessible, in any type of weather. The colour of the SafeGrip® is normally grey, which causes it to be nearly invisible next to the dry hardwood duckboard planks and causes it to be very visible next to moist hardwood duckboard planks. Read more about SafeGrip®.

Our sales team is happy to help with questions about hardwood duckboard planks. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us using the form on the right.