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Vlechtmatten voor de lichte beschoeiing

Longstraw thatches are made by braiding hardwood strips mechanically and staple them together. By doing this, flexible and light wooden shoring walls with a wide application field originate. The biggest advantage of longstraw thatches is the price/quality ratio. Compared to concrete and steel, a longstraw thatch is relatively cheap and easy to install. Even if the shoring is damaged and needs replacing, a longstraw thatch is very easy to replace.

Durable longstraw thatches

For our longstraw thatches, we use wood from a reliable source. We are making use of the knowledge and guidelines of several acknowledged quality marks, such as FSC® and PEFC™  to guarantee a reliable and durable origin. When producing our longstraw thatches, we are making use of sustainable types of hardwood. Thanks to this, we are able to supply wood with very high quality and a long lifespan. We also offer the opportunity to cover the longstraw thatch with a sand-resistant cloth to improve the ground resisting qualities. Longstraw thatches are attached to hardwood poles. These hardwood poles are also part of our assortment.

Our sales team is happy to help with questions about buying longstraw thatches. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us by using the form on the right.