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Marine fenders and leading jetties

Marine fenders are meant to have a steering and leading function, for when a ship is close to coming in contact with a bridge, art work, sluice or another vulnerable construction. The construction of the jetty is place in a way that the ship cannot cause damage, or even worse, can cause unsafe situations. A marine fender can also be used as a mooring construction, for when a ship is waiting in front of a sluice. For the construction of a marine fender, wood is the best solution. When a ship comes into contact with wood, there is less (varnish) damage than when a ship comes into contact with a marine fender that’s made out of steel, for example. Due to this, the wooden marine fenders are more user friendly, also when a marine fender is used to moor. Regge Hout has a lot of expertise concerning wood in hydraulic engineering. We offer all necessary wood products and total solutions to be able to make a good marine fender.

Knowledge of the types of wood for marine fenders

Regge Hout is always looking for the best types of wood for marine fenders, that guarantee a long lifespan. We supply wood with a high quality and good properties concerning sustainability, lifespan and adaptability. Due to our experience in hydraulic engineering, we are also able to give advice about types of wood in combination with water (fresh, salt, brackish). When choosing the right type of wood, a natural resistance of the wood against fungi, insects (like shipworm) or crustacean is essential when constructing the marine fenders.

Our sales team is happy to help you with your questions about buying marine fenders. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us using the form on the right.