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Houten geluidswanden en schermen

Noise barriers are placed, in order to reduce the amount of racket. Because there are more and more roads in the Netherlands and more traffic is making use of them, reducing the racket by placing noise barriers or noise screens is necessary. Regge Hout offers a solution in the form of a wooden noise barrier.

Wooden noise barrier, the perfect alternative

A wooden noise barrier offers a perfect alternative, compared to other materials. Wooden noise barriers are very decorative and beam out sustainability. By making use of wood, you directly give a green appearance to the environment or project. Thanks to the nice finishing and design possibilities, a noise barrier is adaptable in every landscape.

Regge Hout makes use of high quality types of wood for every wooden noise barrier. This guarantees a long lifespan. When choosing the type of wood, we also look at the noise absorbing capacity of the wood. This way, we combine the functionality and appearance in the design of our wooden noise barriers.

Our sales team is happy to help you with questions about our noise barriers and noise screens. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us by filling out the form to the right.