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Sewer works

A good foundation is necessary for the construction of sewer works. The main aim is to prevent subsidence and to strengthen the construction. Wooden piles and wooden pile caps are used to support the sewer during the work. These products provide the necessary support for the sewer and prevent damage during construction or in the long term. The wooden posts are driven into the ground two by two. A wooden pile cap is placed transversely over the heads of the posts. The sewer pipes are then placed on this sewer system.

Wooden sewer works

The use of wood in sewer works is also very attractive financially. The wooden posts are unprocessed and can be placed directly in the ground in this form. They are a much cheaper option compared to the steel or concrete alternatives. The durability of the wood plays a smaller role in sewer works. The piles will rot over time, but then the supporting function of the wood is no longer necessary because the sewer has sufficient support from the surrounding soil. We offer wooden posts and pile caps especially for sewer works. The wooden posts are made of untreated coniferous wood, unpeeled and cut to the desired length. The pile caps can also be supplied in the desired length.

Our sales team is happy to help with questions about buying wood for sewer works. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us via the form on the right.