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Wood products especially for civil engineering


Regge Hout offers a wide and diverse range of wood products. Our range is tailored to the demands of our customers and a wide range of applications. We mainly tailor our range of wood products to applications in civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering where high-quality wood is required. Regge Hout always supplies quality wood products by using the best and most durable wood species. This allows us to guarantee a long lifespan and a sustainable end product. At Regge Hout we use hardwood. This can be tropical hardwood, from tropical and subtropical regions, as well as European hardwood. Hardwood has the advantage that it has a natural resistance to insects or fungi and therefore a long life. Because of this, it can be considered very durable.

Wood products from a reliable source

We only get the wood for our products from well managed forests. We supply products with recognized quality marks such as FSC® and PEFC™, to be able to offer a fair and sustainable product. The use of certified wood is often required by our customers.

Overview wood products

Read along about the following wood products supplied by Regge Hout:

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