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Hardhouten Funderingspalen

In the Netherlands, foundation poles have been used to counteract subsidence for centuries. Because of this, Amsterdam is known as ‘the city on poles’. This proves the great applicability and good properties of the hardwood foundation poles.

Wooden foundation poles are used in applications for supporting constructions like foundation works and sewer works. These poles have a financial advantage over other materials like metal and can be utilized broadly. It is also possible to put the poles into the ground unsealed, to cut into the costs even more. When placed under groundwater level, they can last tens if to hundreds of years, since they are standing in an airtight situation.

Wooden foundation poles are also used for the supporting construction of sewer works. Hereby, the pole makes sure that the sewer does not subside and stays in its place. A big advantage of softwood foundation poles for sewer works is the price, compared to the alternative materials like metal foundation poles.

Foundation poles from a reliable source

We mainly make our foundation poles out of softwood. This is a good quality type of wood, which is also financially attractive. All our wooden foundation poles can be supplied with an acknowledged quality mark, such as FSC® or PEFC™. By doing this, we guarantee that you are dealing with a sustainably acquired product.

Our sales team is happy to help with questions about buying foundation wood. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us via the form on the right.