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Wooden mooring posts

Regge Hout offers high-quality wooden mooring posts. These are used for mooring vessels. We supply dimensions that make it suitable for mooring both small and larger vessels. Each mooring post is made of (tropical) hardwood for a long life, even in contact with water. We offer specific types of (tropical) hardwood mooring posts that are naturally resistant to fungi and insects. This ensures that ship-worm or other insects do not have a chance to affect the wood.

Wooden mooring posts: the best solution

A beautiful mooring post adorns the waterfront and creates a familiar and natural appearance on the water. This makes wooden mooring posts the most suitable solution compared to the steel or concrete alternatives. In the unlikely event that a boat should come into contact with the mooring pole, there is less (dye) damage than when a vessel comes into contact with a steel or concrete pole.

Mooring posts with recognized quality mark

Mooring posts from Regge Hout are widely applicable due to the lengths up to 6 meters. The wooden mooring posts can be shortened to length to make them applicable in any situation. All wooden mooring posts can be supplied with a recognized quality mark such as FSC® and PEFC™. Mooring posts can be made from different types of wood, such as:


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