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Baddingen, wrijfhout en andere houtproducten

The possibilities within our company are very large. Thanks to the many years of knowledge and experience, we have a professional view on the market and many possibilities. You can always approach us with your questions about certain products. Below you can find an example of some of the other products that we supply.

  • Wooden beams
  • Beadings
  • Building timber
  • Wood fender
  • Caps
  • Etc.

Wooden beams

Wooden beams are beams, usually made of softwood, that are used in helping constructions or moulding. A mould is a temporary helping construction in which concrete is formed. This construction is removed after the concrete has cured.


Beadings are used for the finishing and protection of wood. Thus, it can be placed on the upper side of a wooden screen to create a beautiful appearance. A beading also ensures a higher quality. Beadings can be made in all types of wood.

Building timber

A large volume of coniferous wood is processed in load-bearing structures in the Netherlands every year. Regge Hout offers a wide range of construction wood for all kinds of constructions. We offer different types of wood and dimensions suitable for supporting structures, skeleton structures, roof structures, garden structures, etc.

Wood fender

Wood fender is being used to prevent damage on ships. By placing wood fender on the sides of the quay, direct contact with the quay is prevented and this prevents damage. By doing this, both the side of the ship, as well as the quay, are protected. Wood fender can be supplied in the desired type of wood.


A cap is a short beam that is used in the connection between a pile and another construction. A cap prevents that the construction is resting directly on the piles. It can also serve as a connection with other piles, to create a solid construction. Caps are placed on top of a pile and this way, they offer more protection (against splitting or other damage)

Our sales team is happy to help you with your question about wooden beams, beadings, building timber, wood fenders and other wooden products. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us using the form on the right.