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Hardhouten heipalen

For many hundreds of years wooden foundation piles have been used in the Netherlands to prevent subsidence. Amsterdam is known to us as ‘the city on piles’, which proves the great applicability of hardwood foundation piles.
Wooden foundation piles are used in load-bearing construction applications such as sewer and foundation works. The wooden foundation piles are usually cheaper than the piles of alternative materials and can be used widely. You can choose to use hardwood to guarantee the foundation piles a long lifespan with good properties. It is possible to put the foundation piles in the ground unpeeled to reduce costs even more. After all, when they are placed below the groundwater level, they can last for many decades or longer, since they are then in an airtight situation.

Wooden foundation piles are also used for the load-bearing construction of sewer works. A foundation pile ensures that the sewer does not sink and remains in place. Here too, a major advantage of wooden foundation piles is the price compared to alternative materials.

Due to demand, we mainly make our foundation piles from coniferous wood. This is a high-quality wood that is also very attractive in terms of price. All our wooden foundation piles can be supplied with a recognized quality mark such as FSC® and PEFC™. With this we guarantee that you are dealing with a sustainably sourced product.

Our sales team is happy to help with questions or buying wooden foundation piles. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us using the form on the right.