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Eiken bielzen met keurmerk

Regge Hout has also got (oaken) sleepers in the assortment. These sleepers, also known as railway sleepers or cross ties, are utilized in railway constructions. Wooden sleepers are utilized for a wide scale of adaptations:

  • Dividing
  • Supporting
  • Sheet pile

Oaken sleepers & railway sleepers

Our sleepers are made of high quality oaken wood. By making use of very high quality oaken wood, we are able to offer a product that will last for decades. Our wooden railway sleepers have a recognized quality mark and are made from European oak wood, which makes this sustainable import possible. The oak is untreated and is very environmental friendly.

(railway) sleepers dimensions

The sleepers have set sizes with dimensions of 150mm x 260mm x 2600mm. This size makes our product very widely adaptable.

Would you like to buy sustainable sleepers?

Our sales team will gladly help you with your questions about buying wooden sleepers. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us via the form to the right side.