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Safegrip dekdelen met antislip voorziening

Regge Hout offers the option of anti-slip or safe grip for its decking. Decking parts can become dangerously slippery due to wear, algae or rain, which impairs walkability and increases the risk of accidents. Thanks to Regge Hout Safegrip®, the accessibility of decking parts is improved and safety is increased. Regge Hout Safegrip® is used on new decking as well as in existing projects.

Regge Hout SafeGrip®

Regge Hout SafeGrip® is a non-slip facility and consists of a combination of a 2-component synthetic adhesive layer and a layer of quartz sand. Because the sand is sprinkled into the bonding layer during curing, it does not lie on top of it, but is in fact sanded into the mass. As a result, no smooth bonding layer can be created due to wear, for example. Regge Hout SafeGrip® is therefore ideally suited for use on: scaffolding, decking, galleries, bridge decks, terraces, access paths for the disabled and stairs.

Durable Safe grip

In order to achieve an even better adhesion of the Regge Hout SafeGrip® in the wood, we provide the cover parts with a so-called ‘dovetail’. By applying the dovetail, the Regge Hout SafeGrip® is locked in the wood, as it were. The treatment applied during planning ensures that the Regge Hout SafeGrip® adheres even better. The warranty on the durable Regge Hout SafeGrip® is 2 years, unless the product has been loaded by motorized vehicles. Regge Hout SafeGrip® can be supplied in different colours. Gray has been chosen as standard, because gray has the advantage that it is almost invisible in dry weather and that it contrasts clearly with the dark wet decking in rainy weather.

The advantages of Regge Hout SafeGrip®

Regge Hout SafeGrip® is a very suited alternative compared to the traditional decking parts that are provided with a completely covering wearing course.

  • Preservation of the quality of the wood. A wear layer can cause suffocation of the wood
  • The colour and structure of the wood remains visible
  • Attractive price
  • Safegrip will remain attached to the decking parts, thanks to a combination of a groove with a dovetail
  • Applicable on all types of wood
  • Available in different colours
  • Two-year warranty on SafeGrip decking parts
  • Can be applied on location. Look at Safegrip on Site®.

Our sales team is happy to help you with your questions about buying Regge Hout SafeGrip®. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us filling out the form on the right.