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Sheet piling – shoring

A wooden shored sheet pile is the most natural solution for slope protection. The combination of wood and water is a trusted and natural sight. With the usage of the right wood and a good construction, wooden sheet piles are very sustainable and are no worse than alternative materials, like plastic, steel or concrete. We are able to give total solutions for the placement of wooden sheet piles.

Good sheet pile shoring: preservation of the shores

A wooden shoring or sheet pile is a good solution to counter the drop or slide of the shores. For this, we offer all the needed shoring wood. In addition, one can think about shoring planks and poles. We also offer decking planks, to be able to finish the sheet piling in a sustainable way. All parts consist of wood with a high sustainability class, to guarantee a long life span. We also offer the possibility to combine the shoring with a membrane, to guarantee the quality of the supporting. The sheet pile planks are equipped with a strut (sloping side) to make the placement of the sheet pile easier. Regge Hout is always looking for the best types of wood and preferably uses wood with sustainability class I for our sheet piles.

Our sales team will be happy to assist with questions about purchasing our sheet piles. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us using the form on the right.


Angelim Vermelho






Standaard bewerking houten damwanden

Standaard worden de volgende bewerkingen uitgevoerd op onze houten damwanden:

  • Damwand hout voorzien van trapezium veer en groef
  • Vallende breedtes 150 - 350 mm (uitzondering Eiken: 120 - 350 mm, Robinia: 100  -200 mm)
  • Damwand plank voorzien van een zoeker aan de groefzijde
  • Damwand wordt standaard geleverd zonder pasplanken

De damwand hoekpalen hebben de standaard bewerking:

  • Voorzien van 2 groeven onder een hoek van 90° ten opzichte van elkaar aangebracht, passend voor het damwand.

Ons verkoopteam helpt graag verder met vragen of het kopen van onze houten damwanden. Bel ons op +31 547 286 350 of bereik ons via het formulier aan de rechterkant.