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Hardwood posts

Regge Hout has a wide range of hardwood posts in different sizes, shapes and products. Our range of wooden posts includes:

  • Fencing posts
  • Round posts
  • Square posts
  • Cloeziana posts

Types of hardwood posts

We have the right wooden post for every type of project, from landscape appearance to modern sleek. The hardwood posts can be made of European and tropical wood species and provided with an FSC® quality mark.

The standard dimensions of our hardwood posts are shown in the table below:

Sort post Size min/max*
Round/Landscape posts 80 - 100, 100 - 120, 120 - 140, 220 mm. Length depends on the type of wood
Cylindrical milled posts Diameter onwards of 60 mm. Maximum length depends on the type of wood
Square posts Standard thickness x width: 40, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120 mm. Maximum length of 3000 mm
Split posts Measurement chord from 70 mm to 150 mm. Maximum length 2500 mm
Cloeziana posts Diameter 140 to 300 mm. Lengths from 4.00 - 14.00 m

*Other measurements on request

Adaptations wooden posts

The adaptations that we are able to perform on hardwood posts are:

Type of post Optional adaptations
Round/Landscape posts Pointed, crowned, cambio peeled, provided with a nail plate joint
Cylindrical milled posts Cylindrical milled, unpoined, unpeeled
Square posts Square sawn, pointed
Split posts Pointed, crowned, polished
Cloeziana posts Pointed, crowned, cambio peeled, provided with a nail plate joint

Cloeziana wooden posts

The Cloeziana wood type is very suitable for long, round posts. The dead straight trunk has a high durability class, is weather resistant and easy to work with. In addition, the pricing is favorable. The long, slender wooden post is available in great lengths. Independent research conducted by the Wood Research Foundation (SHR) shows that shipworm infestation is very limited in quantity and extent. Naturally, the Cloeziana wooden posts also come from FSC® certified forests.

The typical properties of the Cloeziana wooden posts are:

  • The round wooden post has a durability class I
  • The round post has a sapwood layer of approximately 2 cm which has a lower durability class
  • Healthy sapwood is allowed
  • Cloeziana is usually delivered with the heart in the post
  • Heart traces can come out and should be tolerated
  • The dimensions are measured at the head. The size of the requested head size can deviate approximately plus or minus 2 to 3 cm.
  • The thickness of the piles is approximately 1 cm per metre.
  • Cloeziana wooden posts are supplied with an FSC® quality mark and are provided with an FSC® guarantee certificate

Adaptations of Cloeziana wooden posts are round posts, pole yoke constructions, pier poles, wave breaker constructions, groyne constructions and mooring posts, construction for bridges, wood for outdoor equipment etc.

Square wooden posts

We also supply wooden posts of heavier dimensions for the substructure of bridges and jetties. We also have a wide choice of wooden shoring piles. In addition to the traditional types of wood, these are also available in numerous alternative types of wood. Environmentally friendly, sustainable and/or budget friendly. Shoring piles are used in combination with bulkheads or as a row of posts.

Our square wooden posts are available in the following types of wood:


Angelim Vermelho










Tamme Kastanje


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