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Sustainable woodworking

Regge Hout has its own production line for woodworking. Because we can process our own wood with this, we can respond directly to the wishes of our customers and supply almost all solutions. Moreover, thanks to our own production line we keep a grip on quality and we are very flexible. With our knowledge we can advise our customers perfectly about the processing of different types of wood.

Own cutting line for working wood

Because our own sawing line is located on our site, we can process every product on request and prepare it for shipment. This makes it possible to deliver quickly without the intervention of third parties for woodworking. This saves time and money. In addition, we offer a wide range of other wood processing such as drying wood or adding SafeGrip®.

Woodworking with less waste

Wood is a sustainable and scarce product. That is why we focus on the most sustainable way of woodworking. We want to keep processing losses to a minimum and to process optimally. It is unfortunately not possible to process wood without any loss of material. That is why we also process the residual products to make optimum use of our wood. There is no waste with us!

Our sales team is happy to help with questions about woodworking by Regge Hout. Call us on +31 547 286 350 or reach us using the form on the right.