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De geschiedenis van Regge Hout

In 1926, this business was founded as a wheel maker, at the time under the name Reef. A real craftmanship, during which all the use of high end wood types came back plenty. The wheel maker continued its growth and around 1960, it started trading in tropical hardwood. The business gathered a lot of knowledge about the different tropical wood types and in 1972, the former company specialized itself in civil engineering products. Nowadays, the civil engineering products make up for 95% of Regge Hout’s current supply. Thanks to ongoing growth and professionalization, the business moved from the starting address to the industrial zone in Goor in 1986. In 1987, the brothers Reef moved to Cameroon, to gain experience and knowledge about the source of several sorts of tropical hardwood. This was the start of pioneering in alternative tropical wood types, after which the business grew to become the internationally operating Regge Hout Group (RHG). In 1994, the brothers Reef (3rd generation) took over the business from their family. The brothers focuses on a high quality standard, which was confirmed and approved with the ISO-9002 quality label. This quality label emphasizes the good structuring of activities and the constant development of the effectiveness of processes.

Restart Reef Hout

Reef Hout had many business activities worldwide and was very active in four different countries; Brazil, Cameroon, Guyana and Germany. The size and complexity of all these foreign activities took a heavy toll on the company and unfortunately led to an unmanageable financial structure. As a result, the company was split up, with the Reef brothers handing over the Dutch activities to the management and taking over the activities in Cameroon completely themselves. The latter was unsuccessful and the bankruptcy of the former subsidiary in Cameroon, TRC, confronted the Dutch branch with hefty, non-collectable claims. In addition, there were still some financial guarantees in Cameroon that had been issued in the distant past. This brought Reef Hout, which itself was also struggling with declining income due to the economic crisis, in serious liquidity problems. This led to bankruptcy. Fortunately, Reef wood was given the opportunity to make a new start and our base turned out to be strong enough to actually realize this.

A fresh start under the name Regge Hout

Due to the bankruptcy, Regge Hout was forced to make a new start in September 2012. From this moment on, the company has made a new start in reduced size under the name Regge Hout. This new business falls back on the successful and rich history of the company in the form of a trading house with a broad customer base, with an own saw and plane facilities in the Netherlands and with short and warm connections with several wood producers and sawmills. This fresh start has been good for the company and we took the opportunity with both hands. With this, we neutralized our risks and spread them over a wide range of wood sources. This not only means a reduced risk of not being able to deliver, but also an improved supply for our customers.

Our company

Regge Hout is a wholesaler, wood trader, sawmill and planingmill. We are able to deliver from our own stock and therefore meet the customer demands quickly and flexibly. Being able to deliver small amounts is one of our strongest points. In the market, our company is known as a trading company with it’s own production facilities, thanks to which we can really make a difference. We deliver from either our own stock in Goor, or directly from the harbor.

Since many of our customers have the government as a client, we are faced on supporting the sustainably produced wood. We see an increasing demand to wood, with the FSC ® norms and guidelines. We respond to this with a wide range of certified wood. We are a pioneer in the area of alternative wood types and have a large supply of the lesser known sorts that are similar of better than the well known supply. We suggest you take a look at the wood types that we offer. We deliver our products throughout the Netherlands.